Mise en place : putting in place. 

Mise en place : putting in place. 

Sometimes I wonder if my complete planning “mise en place” obsession, comes from being a chef for the past 12 years or if it sparked an obsession that was already there? (Does this EVEN make sense??) 

I’ve realized that I love my T’s crossed  and my I’s dotted! I am always the one making plans, reservations, coordinating and helping to facilitate things! I don’t know if it’s curse or a blessing (a curse for me, a blessing for others???????) Ha! 

I also take control, really easily, without even thinking of it, so I will swoop in and just take over, very level headed and calm (no point stressing) and I get the job done.

I have been guided by brilliant chefs, sometimes I would even learn a thing or two from trainees or even the delivery check in guy, George, at my first hotel kitchen I worked in.  

Knowledge is power, in this industry you learn something new every single day, but also just in life. From parents, siblings, grandparents, friends, other family. You keep learning. 

I like to believe I’m like a sponge. I soak up what I can, use what works for me and store the rest, or pass it on. 

Mise en place : putting in place : everything in place. Same same. 


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