Monday, bloody Monday. 

Monday, bloody Monday. 

My melt down actually happens on a Sunday evening

Maybe it’s because of school going days, but at 4 ‘o clock on a Sunday afternoon I think to myself, “It was Friday, like 1 minute ago!” 

Grumpy…I need a day between Saturday and Sunday. Can I call it my day? Ha! (See what I did there?) 

I try to embrace Monday, new week, new you, new day, new diet! Not really a new diet, but it’s always “I’ll start on Monday” that gets the engines roaring for the new week! 



Planning the week. 

Running around. 

Ok! Breathe! 

Monday. I’m going to try to hug you with open arms and give you the biggest kiss! 

I’m going to try. 


Saturday morning roundups! 

Saturday morning roundups! 

One of those “weeks from hell” 

Mines been two, not from hell, but just busy. When there is just sooooooooo much going on, you can’t think straight. I call it “eggs for brains” meaning it’s completely scrambled. Just runny and loopy and a mess! 


Oh joy! 

A quiet flat, a cup of my favorite brew. Food! 

It’s the time where I think back on what’s happened in the week. What I can improve on? What I did wrong? Then thinking of the new week. What can I try? What is the plan?

I need to eat properly, drink loads more water and train. I need to finish my two books on my bedside table and I want to go try this new restaurant that opened up down the road. 

I don’t do this on a Sunday. Sunday’s are days out. 

But Saturday’s, we have a love affair. It’s awesome.