What is your passion? 

What is your passion? 


After a slightly crazy few days last week, I take away the overwhelming feeling that through the years of being a chef, through all the crazy working hours, many functions, countless colleagues and many amazing chefs, I can still get that tingling feeling. I love what I do. I wouldn’t change it for the world. Being a chef, this is my entire being. 

There comes a point, in anyone’s life, where you ask yourself if what you are doing is what you love? There is this word that we use : passion. 

Am I doing what I love? What is my passion?


I think, if you can love what you do, you put yourself at a complete high everyday. With me, I can still get so happy when I make something and it tastes good, it still blows me away, when what I have “tasted in my mind” actually tastes amazing in my mouth! 

Reading a recipe and following steps are one thing, but if you spend time in the kitchen you come to a realization on what works together, and what doesn’t, what flavors compliment and which ones don’t. We take away from eating experiences learnt with moms, dads, grandparents, aunts and uncles. We also tend to remember those moments when all our senses where heightened when we had “the best steak” or “the best meal EVER”, how euphoric it made you feel. 

When people ask me, I say that eating is sexy. It’s all the senses, working together, to make you excited about what you are going to taste, smell, see, hear, feel. 

I find it incredibly fulfilling when I can sit at a table with people, who are eating my food, and watch them. I can see the joy, the little smirk, the licking of the lips, the anticipation of the first, second, third, mouthful. The complete sense of fulfillment when they are done, that look at the empty plate as they lean back in their seat. 

If you can find a job, that includes your passion, but also pays the bills, then you will be in the lucky few that are, in essence, fulfilled, happy and content. 

My mom always says, “Never settle” – I take that with my daily, in love, life, and in this case, my job. Find what you love, hold onto it, let it drive you, motivate you and give you happiness, everyday!