When life gets in the way 

When life gets in the way 

Whoa! So I haven’t been on here for the longest time! If you know me, you would find that strange, but you would also know that I’m back in industry and the hours of work are insane. I’m at a point now where wearing anything but a chefs jacket is such a pleasure that I get excited to just be able to go to the mall (which I’m not a fan of in general) 

Besides that, my days are still filled with the hustle and bustle of trying to make a name for myself, fill an Instagram, take good food photos, create recipes and manage to get some sleep. 

The recipes haven’t stopped, and the creative process is a daily occurrence, but I just have not had the time to sit, construct, and photograph for this little blog of mine. 

I looked at my Instagram the other day, and realized that it’s filled with other people’s/places food, and thought that my name should rather be “Food With Jill” and not “Food By Jill” 


Life is busy and I’m still out and about experiencing new things, tasting new dishes, being invited to events and launches and trying to be a cool person! 🙂 

What I do know is that, being a chef, is still very much what makes my heart happy. 

Everything that is food is what makes my pulse race, it sets my senses on edge, and it creates those endorphins that one might get when sky diving or finishing a hectic gym session (speaking of, I need to make time to get my ass in shape) 

So, I pledge (more to myself) that I will not forget about this platform that I have created, I will load more recipes (one again) and photos, because the followers and feedback that I got (once upon a time) actually did make me feel special and knowing that someone else (possibly you who is reading this) could take my recipe and recreate it in your own home! (That’s ridiculously cool) 

❤️ Jill