A fishy story! 

A fishy story! 

There is something almost sexy about a good piece of fish, served with lashings of lemon butter, also just black pepper and sea salt will do!

Fish is so fickle, if you don’t have a good fish monger or a trusted supermarket to supply you with daily stock. I don’t really go out to eat fish, as I can’t seem to trust the restaurants with their idea of “fresh” or “catch of the DAY”. 

I love getting fresh fish and just preparing it the way I enjoy, these days I’ve been playing around with loads of flavoured butters to top them with, the fish in the picture is topped with a chilli and shrimp butter! 

My top tip! 

Portion the fish, season as your wish, seal it (like you would steak) in a smoking hot pan, both sides quick quick! Transfer on to a baking pan, drench with lemon juice, black pepper and freshly chopped dill or chives! Pop into a hot oven (200 degrees celcius), 8 minutes!!!!!!!!!!!!! 

Salivating moments 


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