Zucchini more-chini! 

Zucchini more-chini! 


Yesterday I made these bad boys. I put the recipe on the Instagram post I did about them. www.instagram.com/foodbyjill

So this got me thinking, if I can use ground almonds for crumbing chicken, then surely I can use them in place of panko crumbs for roasted zucchini fries. 

Recipe process… *tick tock tick tock 

And viola!  


Same process as the chicken : eggs, ground almonds, Parmesan (vegetarian) and seasoning. 


250g zucchini, washed and topped

3 eggs, whisked

200g almond flour 

1/2 cup of Parmesan, finely grated

2 TBSP chopped parsley 

Salt and pepper 


Set your oven to 200C 

Prepare an empty colander over an empty bowl 

Mix the almond, Parmesan, parsley and seasoning 

Cut zucchini into thick matchsticks 

Dunk the zucchini into the whisked eggs and coat


Now the tricky part – transfer the zucchini from the bowl into the colander. Let the excess egg strain off 

In a big bowl, add handfuls of zucchini at a time, and dust with the almond mix (if you add it the other way around the almond mix becomes lumpy and you will loose the entire mix….yes, I learnt this the hard way!) 

Place onto a greased oven tray and space them nicely to make sure they roast well. 


Ok….pop in the hot oven and leave to roast for 8 minutes, then toss about with a lifter and leave to roast for another 8 minutes (oven temps and times may vary, so keep an eye on them) 


Serve these on their own, ontop of soup, as a side….any actuall way you can think of. 

Side note : I seasoned them with more salt and grated Parmesan when they came out of the oven. 


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