The Winter blues

The Winter blues


I’m a summer baby, on every level. Although it’s a catch 22, because I don’t like getting hot! Ok. So let me figure this out, I like the sun, the smell of sunscreen, the salty taste of the ocean on my lips, and the sand between my toes…but I’d prefer to be laying on a sun lounger next to a sparkling swimming pool, with a cocktail in hand. 

With that being said, I love the late nights, the vibe that summer evokes in a city, the reckless abandon of hair and makeup, because nothing beats a summer glow, meeting new people, and summer seems to be the only season where I can go to sleep way past witching hour, but wake up just as the sun starts peeking it’s rays through my window, as to not miss out on the day ahead. 

I love lazy breakfasts and long lunches, sitting and eating, sipping on cold bubbly or crisp white wine, under a tree or on a blanket. I love the summer evenings that turn into a quick braai on the deck and then everything eaten with your hands, that takes finger licking good to a new dimension. 

So come winter, I feel like I need to hibernate like the bears do, so that I don’t have to be faced with the cold, the rain, the dark, the everything that this miserable season brings. I also do understand, that like most things, other people might love winter, but I’m not about that life. 

I am all about the food though. Roasts and stews, soups and loads of warm earthy vegetables. Fire places, huge blankets and hot chocolate. Snuggling and cuddling. Those all work for me! 

So as winter approaches for us in the Southern Hemisphere, my blog will be filled with comfort food recipes and tricks. Those that make you feel like you shouldn’t be eating the dish, but it’s so good and warm and satisfying that you just think “oh what the hell!” and make you think that winter is not so bad after all! 


2 thoughts on “The Winter blues

  1. Jill you hit the nail right on the head. Just reading your lines make me want winter come back soon. And like you, I like summer exactly as you described it. The setting, the accessoires, the liquid delights paired with other scrumptious nourishing mouth-watering titbits you create. Continue and share your “edible” thoughts with us. We savour each and every moment and it still lingers……. Here’s to our summer showing its head in our hemisphere…. and your ever present to-die-for eatables 🙂
    All that is missing….. is YOU!!! Come to Stuttgart and blow them over with your delights!!!

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