A bunch of corndogs 

A bunch of corndogs 

So when last did I post a recipe guys?! It’s been ages! So the quickest corndog batter…if you are not familiar with corndogs, you must be living under a rock. (Love you under your rock though) 


Corndogs are an America fun fair staple, call them a classic if you must! Easy food, served on a stick, so it’s portable, and it’s bursting with flavor! 

This can be a quick Friday night dinner with a bunch of friends, or even an after school lunch for the kiddies. 



1 1/2 cups of Semolina 
1 1/4 cups of plain white flour 

1 TBSP of baking powder 

1/4 tsp of salt 

1 egg, beaten 

1 1/2 cups of buttermilk 

1/2 cup of plain milk 

1 TBSP of oil 

1 TBSP of honey 

10 Hot dog sausages 

10 skewer sticks 

Vegetable oil for frying (about 2L) 


Heat your oil to 180C 

In two bowl, mix your dry ingredients in one, and your wet ingredients into another. 

Add the wet to the dry and mix well. 

You will have a thick, almost cake batter like dough. 

Pour your mix into a jug, the process here is to have a jug that’s slightly bigger that your sausages, so that it’s easier to dip once they are skewered. 

Skewer your hot dogs. 

Make sure your oil is heated, and start by dipping the first skewer. Take care to get all of the sausage covered with batter. 

Slowly place each skewer into the oil, and gently bob them so that you work then around, so that the batter fries evenly and doesn’t blister! (I really hope this makes sense) 

Fry until deeply golden! 

Serve with tomato sauce and mustard!!!!! 


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