Making life easier. 

Making life easier. 

I’ve heard it all before. “I don’t have time!” “I’m not a chef…” “It’s just too much effort”. Guys, let’s move on shall we. 

The Pantry Box has come to your rescue. A fool proof, “anyone can make this happen” service. With their amazing recipes, you get to be adventurous in the kitchen and bring out your “Gordon Ramsay” without breaking too much of a sweat, or throwing a pan.  


Each Monday, the guys over at Pantry Box, make sure that your order is delivered straight to your door. It’s easy enough, and takes your under ten minutes to figure out your choices which gives your four meals, the recipes for those meals, ALL the ingredients, that are all numbered to correspond with the recipe, also, they are all pre-packed, pre-weighed, separately sorted (are you getting the point?) making it SUPER EASY for you. (No more complaining!!)

The quality of the ingredients in the box, are awesome! The vegetables are fresh, and stay fresh, the meat and chicken are all vacuumed packed and keep well for the week in the fridge. 

The delivery happens in a box that is kept cool and the entire process can not be easier (see how many “easy” terms I’ve used) 

The meals are packed with flavour, the recipes are easy to follow and they have an amazing selection on their website. 

What I love most, is that the recipes are sooooooooo different and are going to give you that little inspiration that’s needed to fall inlove with the food you are cooking and eating! 

It will work well for couples or a family, and everyone can have an opportunity to cook a meal (albeit that they are not under 13 and in diapers), the boxes feed up to 6 people. 

Also, as a side note, the have amazing themed “Dinner Party” boxes which serve up to 12 people…EASY!!!!!!!!! 

Availabile in Jozi for now, it’s sure to become a hit! 


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