Love to eat, eat to love. 

Love to eat, eat to love. 

I have an unapologetic attitude when it comes to my love of food. Not just making it, or following a recipe, but eating it.  

When people tell me “I forgot to eat” or “I was so busy” or the worst, when they pitch up for a dinner party, but go ape shit on all the snacks, because “I’ve just been so busy” …… hold up : does your stomach not talk to you? Do you not hear it growling and saying “feed me!!!!!” ????? 

I don’t have time for people that can’t find the time to eat, or who don’t find the time to cook a meal, be it for yourself or for a loved one. 

“Everywhere, no matter what your nationality, food is your emotional truth”  
Nigella Lawson 

Maybe it’s because I’m a chef, I can never get tired of cooking, and when someone is hungry, I’m all over that, “what do you want?” “what can I feed you??”  

My best memories of cooking food, are ones when I’ve done impromptu dishes for my brother and sister. Toasted sandwiches at 3am, and not just any toasted sandwiches, it’s fried egg, bacon, mature cheddar, tomatoes, onions, whole grain mustard….I was sleeping, he woke me up…he was hungry. Midnight rolls, which lead to a picnic on the bed, trying not to make a mess, because we should be sleeping! Nutella pancakes with fresh strawberries, late night nachos, or even crumpets with fresh cream and chocolate sauce.

I’ve cooked and made things from scratch or just reused last nights left overs and made something magical, not because I’m bragging, but because I was feeding someone or a group of people that I love. 

I laughed at a friend the other night who said that he had all the motivation to come home and make an amazing dinner for himself, he then landed up heating peas in the microwave and eating that : his justification “as long as the food is warm”, I couldn’t stop laughing at him, and was so shocked that he was ok with that. I suppose it’s all about saving time and in today’s work environment, we are lucky to come home with energy to talk, yet alone cook. 

“Food is the energy of the world, food drives everything” 
Barb Stuckey 

Freezer meals, ready made situations or take aways, lack flavor and everything that’s good about food, so I can understand if you are not wanting to “slave over a stove” …. but just take the time and cook, start from the begginging, use fresh produce and ingredients, and make something yummy for that special person or people! 

“Eating is one of those things that’s a human requirement, but it’s the one thing you have control over” 
Noah Fecks 

A few good things 

A few good things 

Some photos of things made the past two weeks. 

  Cauliflower tortillas stuffed with a chickpea and kidney bean warm salsa, topped with Avo and tomato salad and sour cream. 

  Puff pastry straws topped with Parmesan, flaxseeds, sesame seeds and hemp seeds. 

Sexy sweet potato, lentil and kale patties, sitting in a thick tomato ragout.   

  This was a lentil and bulgar wheat salad, dressed in mustard, apple cider vinegar and olive oil, with loads of fresh sprouts and deep fried tofu (done in coconut oil). 

  A salad of avocado, sundried tomatoes, artichokes, peas, and pumpkin seeds. Also some calamata olives and butter leaves. 

  Easter lunch dessert. Ladyfingers drenched in an Kaluha fudge coffee, topped with chocolate mousse, and fresh raspberries. 

  Raw tart base, topped with a warm mushroom, artichoke and tomato salad. Added some kale pesto for extra yumminess! 

  The bread recipe I posted in last week, topped with avocado, kale pesto and fresh tomatoes

  Three ingredients in these little bite sized energy balls. Cashews, dates and dried strawberries. Blend all up until sticky and shape. 

Just lunch. Pastrami on white with all the trimmings and kale leaves instead of lettuce.  

  French toast on left over Challah. 

Laksa for my amazing friend Zane. 

Almond meal coated chicken breasts. 

Roasted sweet potato chips with rosemary and rock salt. 

  Quick hamburger. 

 Almond and chia seed based pizza. Topped with fresh pasta sauce, artichokes, mozzerella and brocolli.