A few good things 

A few good things 

Some photos of things made the past two weeks. 

  Cauliflower tortillas stuffed with a chickpea and kidney bean warm salsa, topped with Avo and tomato salad and sour cream. 

  Puff pastry straws topped with Parmesan, flaxseeds, sesame seeds and hemp seeds. 

Sexy sweet potato, lentil and kale patties, sitting in a thick tomato ragout.   

  This was a lentil and bulgar wheat salad, dressed in mustard, apple cider vinegar and olive oil, with loads of fresh sprouts and deep fried tofu (done in coconut oil). 

  A salad of avocado, sundried tomatoes, artichokes, peas, and pumpkin seeds. Also some calamata olives and butter leaves. 

  Easter lunch dessert. Ladyfingers drenched in an Kaluha fudge coffee, topped with chocolate mousse, and fresh raspberries. 

  Raw tart base, topped with a warm mushroom, artichoke and tomato salad. Added some kale pesto for extra yumminess! 

  The bread recipe I posted in last week, topped with avocado, kale pesto and fresh tomatoes

  Three ingredients in these little bite sized energy balls. Cashews, dates and dried strawberries. Blend all up until sticky and shape. 

Just lunch. Pastrami on white with all the trimmings and kale leaves instead of lettuce.  

  French toast on left over Challah. 

Laksa for my amazing friend Zane. 

Almond meal coated chicken breasts. 

Roasted sweet potato chips with rosemary and rock salt. 

  Quick hamburger. 

 Almond and chia seed based pizza. Topped with fresh pasta sauce, artichokes, mozzerella and brocolli. 


Let’s lunch 

Let’s lunch 

Some of the food made this week! 

Most times I forget that I don’t need to post a recipe, I could just post these beautiful photos! 


A quick salad for a lunch I did. 

Brown rice sushi salad! This was really yummy, cooked rice in a rice cooker and finished it like you would “white” sushi rice. Grilled the salmon with loads of black pepper and lemon juice! 

A grilled chicken burger topped with guacamole, cream cheese and sweet chilli sauce. 

Smoked salmon salad. 

My favorite creamy gaucamole with tahini, gives it a sharp tangy taste. Grilled the chickpeas in a hot pan, and fried the kale aswell! The bulgar wheat and broccoli mix I season with fresh lemon juice, olive oil, salt and pepper! 

Quick roasted chicken breast salad, drizzled with balsamic reduction and extra virgin olive oil. 

Skewered some chicken thighs and marinated them in mustard and honey, served with potato wedges, fresh avocado and a tangy mayo dipping sauce. 

This was cold tomato soup, served with kale pesto and I make puff pastry “superseed” sticks! Topped with linseed, sesame seeds, hemp seeds, and vegetarian Parmesan. 

Yummy kale, corn, and cabbage salad with balsamic marinated mushrooms and artichokes! 

This was a snack made for myself! Rye toast, kale pesto, chicken cold meat, Avo, fresh peashots and black pepper!