The Sanlam Handmade Contemporary Fair

The Sanlam Handmade Contemporary Fair

It’s that time of year again, the Johannesburg days are warmer, the nights are beautiful, and I feel that rooftop markets should become a regular affair. In steps the Sanlam HMC, albeit for only a weekend, is really a wonderful break from having to mission to City center to get the taste of a market. Set on top of the Hyde Park Corner shopping center, its hard to imagine that you are actually walking in what is effectively a parking area. 

This year, they made more use of the space and completely transformed the concrete slab into a beautiful area, filled with the country’s top designers, chefs, restaurants, wine farms and all things unique showcasing their gorgeous products, amazing wine and mouthwatering foods.


It’s now in its 5th year, and is really a first of its kind, as its aimed at being a boutique outdoor Fair, featuring the “best of local” – which ranges from Ice Creams, to Craft Beer, freshly pressed juices, and delicious hamburgers.

If you are lucky enough to gain entry to the Sanlam VIP area, you will sample wines from Black Elephant, that are based in Franschoek Valley, and gorgeous cheeses, charcuterie and also, the amazing team of chefs, which cover the “Chef’s of the City” installment, creating gorgeous canapes and snacks.


A few of my favorite finds this year

Paul’s Homemade Ice Cream (The nicest human that makes Ice cream)

Dear Rae Jewellery

Oneiric Wines (Their Merlot is PHENOMENAL)

The Block Shop

Alexander’s Band


The Counter (Because Meg and Ian)

And that’s just naming a few. There are over 100 Exhibitors and a range of products to choose from!

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Eat. Sleep. Repeat. 

Eat. Sleep. Repeat. 


What happens when you gather a group of people passionate about food, put them at one table, and give them welcome drinks of Patron and 4 wines to taste? Absolute fun, laughter and some chaos. Add a sprinkling of good food, live music, and some education on wine, it becomes an evening that can only be memorable. 


Hello Joburg Magazine and  iL Giardino were the perfect hosts, to another wonderful Hello Recommends dinner. 

A fun filled evening, with some new faces at the table and some very familiar, we shared gorgeous wines, lovely food, and conversation. Exchanging ideas, jokes and our most recent “foodie” stories. 

iL Giardino, located at 44 Stanley, Milpark, is a little gem, tucked between the hustle and bustle of Johnnesburgs concrete jungle, dripping with character and beautifully decked out, with wooden tables, fresh flowers and wrought iron finishes. You feel like you are sitting in an square in Italy. The Room, which is just off the courtyard, is a function venue that caters more to your private parties or those moments when the Spring skies open up and decide to storm. 

All in all, the venue is beautiful and the food is hearty, filled with flavour and fresh. They also boasts their own range of olive oils, which are delicious and add a punch to any salad or pasta. 

The wine tastings are going to be hosted every month, so be sure to follow them on Facebook and Twitter to be updated with these events. 

If you are in Johannesburg, and you haven’t downloaded the Go Hello App, what are you actually waiting for?? It’s FILLED with information and oozing with all the things you need to get through your day. 

Also, because they always bring the laughter, these two. 

Steven (The Joburg Foodie) and Jade (Jade



The Food we love.

The Food we love.

Have you ever wondered what would happen if we all just stop being so fanatical about food?

Think of your Instagram feed without those amazing photos, of breakfast tables or lunches, cakes and pastries, imagine a feed without that juicy burger or vibrantly green matcha smoothie. How dull would life be?

Since dedicating my Instagram solely to food, albeit the occasional image of me having a picnic or a random cup of coffee, I have come to realize how small the world actually is and how social networking brings people together. I have followers from Japan, Norway, Australia and America, to name a few, and have noticed how home cooks, lifestyle coaches, trainers and even just the mom down the road, pull in these huge followings and cult status Instagram profiles.

Then we get all the amazing Bloggers, who are so dedicated to sharing recipes and giving advise on what works and what doesn’t as far as food goes, also experiences shared or restaurants reviews, that you get drawn into scrolling their pages and loose track of time completely.

Being a chef, it’s opened my eyes to the immense beauty of food, the love that people have for it and the overwhelming satisfaction of seeing an amazing photo of a plate of food, a cake, a burger or even just a donut, and thinking “I need to recreate this!” or “God help me not bite into my phone!”

Links to my fav blogs and Instagrams below:


The Jozi Food Fix

Tales of a Kitchen

Eat in my Kitchen

Nourish and Evolve




The Art of Plating

We are Food

Nourish Atelier

Dennis Prescott

These are just a few of my favs, the top picks out of the many I follow.

They will give you some major #foodporn  to lust over!