Eat. Sleep. Repeat. 

Eat. Sleep. Repeat. 


What happens when you gather a group of people passionate about food, put them at one table, and give them welcome drinks of Patron and 4 wines to taste? Absolute fun, laughter and some chaos. Add a sprinkling of good food, live music, and some education on wine, it becomes an evening that can only be memorable. 


Hello Joburg Magazine and  iL Giardino were the perfect hosts, to another wonderful Hello Recommends dinner. 

A fun filled evening, with some new faces at the table and some very familiar, we shared gorgeous wines, lovely food, and conversation. Exchanging ideas, jokes and our most recent “foodie” stories. 

iL Giardino, located at 44 Stanley, Milpark, is a little gem, tucked between the hustle and bustle of Johnnesburgs concrete jungle, dripping with character and beautifully decked out, with wooden tables, fresh flowers and wrought iron finishes. You feel like you are sitting in an square in Italy. The Room, which is just off the courtyard, is a function venue that caters more to your private parties or those moments when the Spring skies open up and decide to storm. 

All in all, the venue is beautiful and the food is hearty, filled with flavour and fresh. They also boasts their own range of olive oils, which are delicious and add a punch to any salad or pasta. 

The wine tastings are going to be hosted every month, so be sure to follow them on Facebook and Twitter to be updated with these events. 

If you are in Johannesburg, and you haven’t downloaded the Go Hello App, what are you actually waiting for?? It’s FILLED with information and oozing with all the things you need to get through your day. 

Also, because they always bring the laughter, these two. 

Steven (The Joburg Foodie) and Jade (Jade



The little things! 

The little things! 

A few photos and then a little venting session. 

Note to restaurants/kitchens:

  • Use salt 
  • Dress things that are dry or lack flavour -even if it’s just a simple olive oil and white wine vinegar. 
  • Taste your food before it leaves the kitchen
  • Managers – train your wait staff accordingly 
  • Wait staff – greet with smiling faces 
  • Make sure you all know the menu
  • Use salt 
  • Know what or how your menu reads and translate that to the plate 
  • Stop trying to over achieve. Less is more 
  • Focus on key ingredients and products, build from there


Have a wonderful week all!!!