What’s the story morning glory? 

What’s the story morning glory? 

The inevitable morning. 

Last night I had 5 hours and 20 minutes of sound sleep. Well done Jill! 

Thanks to my new Jawbone, I’m trying to track my life….or at least my healthy habits….like steps taken daily and the amount of sleep I get every night! 

I tend to get into bed and read…read and read! I love getting lost in a novel, to the detriment of my sleep and wake up feeling groggy and disorientated! 

On the flip side, I love eating, and enjoy having breakfast, although most times its done in a panic of a whirlwind rush. 

On less crazy days…….rye bread…fairly good and a better option than most, avocado…good fats, although you should only really have 1/8 of a single one. Some yummy low fat cream cheese, loads of fresh lemon juice, black pepper and fresh tomato. 

Indulgence. ❤️🍴

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