Put your pesto forward 

Put your pesto forward 

After my post about how good and amazing kale is for you, here’s a quick sticks recipe for a kale pesto!!! 

10 kale leaves (stalks trimmed) 

1 half bulb of garlic, peeled (very good for you) 

1 cup of vegetarian friendly Parmesan 

1 half cup of roasted almonds (I tend not to use pine nuts as it has an overpowering taste!) 

About 1 and a half cups of really good extra virgin olive oil (more or less depending on how thing you want your pesto) 

1 tablespoon each of salt and pepper 

Blend the oil, garlic, salt, pepper, nuts and Parmesan 

Add kale leaves one at a time and keep blending until you have your desired pesto consistency! Also check for more seasoning if needed! 



To kale or not to kale? 

To kale or not to kale? 

I have come to love Kale. 

It’s a type of wild cabbage. 

It’s amazingly good for you. 

It’s one of those Super foods that are ridiculously versatile. Think pesto, stir fry, wraps, curry, juice, smoothies, pastas and pastes.

Some of the scientific facts (as one does) 

Low in calories, high in fiber and has ZERO fat content…..hellllllooooo!!! 

It’s also rich in iron, vitamin K, A and C……is filled with powerful antioxidants………………high in Omega 3, helps keep cholesterol levels down, it also ranks high in the calcium department, AND it’s very good if you are detoxing, or just part of your green juice squeeze!