A modern way 

A modern way 

Without being consciously aware of it, my blog seems to have a lot of vegetarian recipes!! 

I cook a lot of vegetarian dishes, because, as mentioned before, MY vegetarian is my boss, and yes, I call her MY vegetarian. As a chef, it’s almost a preprogrammed notion to “hate” vegetarians, or anyone that needs to alter our menus, but I’ve come to love cooking and experimenting with vegetarian food. 

We demand so much when it comes to our food, and everyday the demand seems to get bigger. Free range, organic, farm fresh, healthy, local, cheap and good for the planet! Gone are the days of overindulgence, we hardly use cream or cheese, and processed products are a thing of the past. We are trying to be a bit more aware of what we put into our system, and maintain a low carbon footprint. The importance of starting at the home base is also something that I continuously preach to people. Cook, cook and cook. Yes, I know, time, life, work, gym….but just take the time to cook. 

In steps Anna Jones. 


Her cookbook “A modern way to eat” has over 200 recipes – all based on vegetarianism. It’s a modern day take on all things amazing. She incorporates fresh, seasonal produce, into SUPER quick and inexpensive recipes. She’s worked for Jamie Oliver and has extensive experience as a chef, she now works as a stylist and food writer for newspapers, magazines, chefs, and a host of food companies. 

“A simply brilliant book – modern, clever, beautiful, and full of delicious recipes” 
Jamie Oliver 

Her book, breaks it down and takes your back to the “root” of everything, it’s cleverly laid out and reads beautifully, with loads of tips and special hacks, and list upon list of varieties of her favorites.  

In South Africa, we might not have all the ingredients that are readily available in London, but a lot of what she uses can be found in good health stores and also at fruit and vegetable suppliers.

“These recipes not only work, they are mind-blowingly delicious. So if you need more from your food, meals that are good for you, tasty, beautiful, and unapologetically meat-free, Anna’s recipes are affirming win win win!” 
Tom Herbert 

It is really an amazing book, not just for vegetarians, but for any one trying to maintain a healthier and more balanced lifestyle. Also, it gives you loads of ideas for sides and interesting alternatives to what you might already be serving! 


Pictured : Full of green fritters (made as a frittata), Charred corn, scrunched kale and sweet potato salad with a cashew, coriander and lime dressing. 

Recipe books 

Recipe books 

With the digital age, we can download a recipe or Google a website and “Bob’s your uncle”. 

I am a big book worm, so I’ve never gotten into the whole “e-books” situation, but if anything, I always try to buy my recipes books and have a good collection of them, if I do use a recipe of the web, I print and paste into my own recipe book that I’ve had for the past 10 years! 

Presenting Tashas. 

Founded in 2005, Tashas, is a Johannesburg landmark, now also showing off in Cape Town and Dubai. To me, Natasha Sideris, is a powerhouse and a force to be reckoned with. I’ve had the opportunity of working with her, albeit for two days, but she is an incredible leader, an amazing worker an even better chef. Let’s not forget about Savva, her ridiculously passionate brother, who made the best seafood pasta I have ever tasted!  She is an amazing inspiration to little chefs like me! 

Her recipe book has been creating hype around Johannesburg and of course, we have a copy at the house! 

It’s simple and elegant with really tasty dishes. 

I did the Granny Smith recipe for breakfast, which was so yummy, it’s going to become a staple! 

Available at Exclusive books.